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Group of people: Kaia Niambi Shivers (Education), Sramana Mitra (Influencers), Yasi Baiani (Healthcare), Max Motschwiller (Technology), Tai Tran (Marketing & Social), Mina Radhakrishnan (VC & Entrepreneurship), Carson Tate (Management & Culture), Louis D. Lo Praeste (Management & Culture), Lynne Everatt (Management & Culture)

“ Innovation isn't a department anymore; it's a discipline. The brands that get that will win, those who don't, won't. ”

7. Nathaniel Whittemore | Marketing & Social

“ Everything we do in our lives, from payments to shopping, has been disrupted by technology – yet the healthcare sector still lags behind. ”

9. Beth Seidenberg | Healthcare

“ The financial services industry is undergoing, at long last, a transformative phase to reinvent itself which will take a minimum of 15 years to play out. ”

2. Pascal Bouvier | Money & Finance

“ There is definitely a bubble in terms of the number of articles that have been written about the tech bubble. It's reached insane proportions that we should all be very, very worried about. ”

7. Sunil Rajaraman | VC & Entrepreneurship