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Meet the top 10 financial writers of the year on LinkedIn, ranked by engagement and more. Read — and follow — them now.

  • 1. Vikram Mansharamani

    Lecturer, Yale University

    He focuses on connecting dots that may on first glance appear unrelated.

    more about 1. Vikram Mansharamani
  • 2. Pascal Bouvier

    Investor and fintech expert

    Every financial services firm now has to behave like a tech company. No exceptions.

    more about 2. Pascal Bouvier
  • 3. Geoffrey Garrett

    Dean, The Wharton School

    He travels the world meeting with people as Wharton's dean, then writes what he learned.

    more about 3. Geoffrey Garrett
  • 4. Ben Casselman

    Chief economics writer, FiveThirtyEight

    He writes about the economy, focusing on the labor market, always with charts.

    more about 4. Ben Casselman
  • 5. Tamal Bandyopadhyay

    Consulting editor, Mint

    His entire objective is to make complex developments in finance intelligible.

    more about 5. Tamal Bandyopadhyay
  • 6. Joshua Brown

    CEO, Ritholtz Wealth Management

    He writes about investing and money management, but never in a way that's dull.

    more about 6. Joshua Brown
  • 7. Karen Webster

    CEO, Market Platform Dynamics

    There’s a perfect storm brewing in mobile payments, she writes.

    more about 7. Karen Webster
  • 8. Jody Padar

    CEO and principal, New Vision CPA

    The accounting industry is changing. She's got ideas to create the CPA of the future.

    more about 8. Jody Padar
  • 9. Andrew Beh

    Partner, Huijskens Bickerton

    From banker pay to analysts' estimates, he's got opinions on lots of newsy finance topics.

    more about 9. Andrew Beh
  • 10. Hansi Mehrotra

    Founder, The Money Hans

    Finance is scary, yet everyone has to deal with money. She wants to simplify it.

    more about 10. Hansi Mehrotra
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