Meet the top 10 media writers of the year on LinkedIn, ranked by engagement and more. Read — and follow — them now.

  • 1. Bill McGowan

    CEO, Clarity Media Group

    Few commentators do a better job of making sense of media fiascos than McGowan.

    more about 1. Bill McGowan
  • 2. Olivia Barrow

    Reporter, Milwaukee Business Journal

    Her media prediction: The days of free news are numbered, and that's a good thing.

    more about 2. Olivia Barrow
  • 3. Gillian Zoe Segal

    Author, "Getting There: A Book of Mentors"

    She spent five years interviewing the most successful people alive.

    more about 3. Gillian Zoe Segal
  • 4. Tom Foremski


    This former FT reporter originated the phrase "every company is a media company." 

    more about 4. Tom Foremski
  • 5. Kiara Imani Williams

    Fellow, Public Broadcasting Service

    She wrote an open letter to President Obama. He responded.

    more about 5. Kiara Imani Williams
  • 6. Kellye Whitney

    Associate editorial director, Human Capital Media

    Diversity is her beat, and one that touches on a range of newsy topics.

    more about 6. Kellye Whitney
  • 7. Simon Owens

    Journalist and content marketer

    Silicon Valley used to avoid original content. So what changed? Owens has an idea.

    more about 7. Simon Owens
  • 8. Rachel Jones

    International development media consultant

    She wrote about the late Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee's use of white privilege.

    more about 8. Rachel Jones
  • 9. David Pilcher

    VP of sales and marketing, Freeport Press

    He's working to make sense of both the old (print magazines) and new (Apple News).

    more about 9. David Pilcher
  • 10. Will Richmond

    Editor and publisher, VideoNuze

    TV is changing, and he's chronicling the disruptive impact of online and mobile video.

    more about 10. Will Richmond
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