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  • 1. Bill Gates

    Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    He's taking on the world's biggest issues, and sharing what he's learning from Warren Buffett.

    more about 1. Bill Gates
  • 2. Richard Branson

    Founder, Virgin Group

    He's launched 400 companies, and doesn't believe in a separation between work and life. 

    more about 2. Richard Branson
  • 3. Mohamed El-Erian

    Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz

    Only one of the sharpest minds in finance could make a post on the Greek debt crisis go viral.

    more about 3. Mohamed El-Erian
  • 4. James Altucher


    He looks for the most painful and embarrassing situations in his life. Then, he writes about them.

    more about 4. James Altucher
  • 5. Bernard Marr

    Business and data expert

    Some say the big data movement is overhyped. Marr is out to prove the naysayers wrong.

    more about 5. Bernard Marr
  • 6. Sallie Krawcheck

    CEO and co-founder, Ellevest

    She's one of the most-powerful executives in finance, and her advice is always worth reading.

    more about 6. Sallie Krawcheck
  • 7. Ian Bremmer

    President, Eurasia Group

    He tackles international politics, economics, and business—and how these three come together.

    more about 7. Ian Bremmer
  • 8. Jill Schlesinger

    Business Analyst, CBS News

    She takes complicated subjects — the U.S. jobs report, the Fed — and makes them interesting.

    more about 8. Jill Schlesinger
  • 9. Ryan Holmes

    CEO, Hootsuite

    He leads one of the hottest social-media startups, and makes sense of trends in tech and social.

    more about 9. Ryan Holmes
  • 10. Sramana Mitra

    Founder, One Million by One Million

    She writes about entrepreneurship, and those building companies without gobs of VC cash.

    more about 10. Sramana Mitra
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