The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars changing how we connect and interact.

  • Ian Bernstein

    Founder and CTO, Sphero

    When Star Wars fans first saw that a new toy maker was on the market...

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  • Don Burnette

    Co-founder, Otto

    While tech giants like Google, Lyft, Tesla and others race to get to the market with autonomous...

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  • Peter Deng

    Head of product management, Oculus

    Virtual reality stands to upend the tech industry as we know it, and Deng...

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  • Yasmin Green

    Head of research and development, Jigsaw

    Green doesn’t shy away from a challenge. As head...

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  • Lexie Komisar

    Senior lead, IBM Digital Innovation Lab

    You likely know who IBM Watson is, but who you also need to know is Komisar...

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  • Nathan Kundtz

    CEO and president, Kymeta

    When Kundtz gets in front of crowds to talk about his company’s technology...

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  • Nancy Liang

    Senior product manager, Amazon Alexa

    Alexa, the voice service behind Amazon’s Echo device, has been hailed as...

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  • Jessica O. Matthews

    Founder and CEO, Uncharted Play

    Who says work and play need to be kept separate? Matthews created...

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  • Skylar Tibbits

    Director, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT

    Tibbits, 31, is out to show that any material can achieve what he calls...

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  • Nick Weaver

    Co-founder and CEO, eero

    Weaver built his startup based on a problem his parents complained about daily...

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