The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars who are expanding the reach of software.

  • Jobert Abma

    Co-founder, HackerOne

    Hacking is a way of life for 26-year-old Abma — or at least for half of it; he has been hacking into computers...

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  • Brian Anderson

    Senior research engineer, Mozilla

    Writing code that works reliably the first time (and that doesn’t crash) is incredibly...

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  • Adam Enbar

    Co-founder and CEO, Flatiron School

    Enbar is not your typical Harvard Business School grad: After teaching entrepreneurship to prisoners...

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  • Michelle Glauser

    Founder and CEO, Techtonica

    Any good engineer can solve problems; Glauser challenges the assumptions behind them. If you missed the...

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  • Andrea Goulet

    Co-founder and CEO, Corgibytes

    There’s a reason why Andrea Goulet chose to get a JavaScript tattoo on her right wrist...

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  • Lara Hogan

    Engineering director, Etsy

    A self-taught front-end developer, 31-year-old Hogan now leads the 40-person product infrastructure engineering team...

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  • James Scott

    Innovation specialist and lead diversity engineer, 18F

    One question drives 26-year-old Scott: “Is the user’s life better?” In this case, the user...

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  • Ashu Singhal

    Co-founder, Benchling

    Singhal is helping create the Salesforce of biotech: a singular technology...

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  • Jeffrey Wieland

    Head of accessibility engineering, Facebook

    Facebook is a visual medium — and with the push into video getting more so all the time. Not surprisingly...

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  • Yan Zhu

    Senior software engineer, Brave

    Zhu is working nonstop to keep you safe online...

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