The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars rethinking how you shop, what you buy and how it all gets to you.

  • Jonas Cleveland

    Co-founder, CEO and CTO, COSY

    One of the critical tasks in retail is to optimally manage the use of floor space within...

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  • Leura Fine

    Founder and CEO, Laurel & Wolf

    Interior design seems like one of those services that is pretty much tech proof...

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  • Heather Hasson

    Co-founder and CEO, FIGS

    Scrubs are anything but high fashion. So, what made Hasson, a fashion...

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  • Michelle Jolly

    Principal product manager,

    Amazon’s the king of e-commerce. With 34-year-old Jolly’s help...

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  • Kevin Lavelle

    Founder and CEO, Mizzen+Main

    It seems counter-intuitive and yet inevitable: classic button down shirts for men...

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  • Mariya Nurislamova

    Co-founder and CEO, Scentbird

    Have you ever had trouble finding your go-to “scent?” Or perhaps you want to try...

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  • Aubrie Pagano

    Co-founder and CEO, Bow & Drape

    Bow & Drape has been called an “emoji-happy millennial’s dream brand,” but...

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  • Michael Preysman

    Founder and CEO, Everlane

    After three years as an investment analyst at Elevation Partners, Preysman...

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  • Benita Singh

    Founder and CEO, Le Souk

    It would stretch the travel budget of any designer to hit the world’s finest textile mills...

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  • Laura Behrens Wu

    Founder and CEO, Shippo

    Amazon-level logistics are what small businesses dream of—flawless two-day...

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