The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars modernizing medicine and creating healthier lives.

  • Elizabeth Asai

    CEO, 3Derm Systems

    In small and rural communities, one of the biggest challenges patients face is finding...

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  • Zoe Barry

    Founder and CEO, ZappRx

    The process of filling a prescription for a specialty drug can be incredibly time consuming and complex...

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  • Josh Bruno

    Co-founder and CEO, Hometeam

    America is graying. And that means an increasing number of seniors are facing the question...

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  • Geoffrey Chaiken

    Co-founder and CEO, Blink Health

    When it comes to shopping online for prescription drugs, consumers...

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  • Sean Duffy

    Co-founder and CEO, Omada Health

    Treating people with chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease is expensive...

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  • Rachel Haurwitz

    CEO, Caribou Biosciences

    The scientific community is excited about the potential for CRISPR technology...

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  • Dr. David Mou

    Co-founder and medical director, Valera Health

    Mental illness is an area that hasn’t received as much attention from digital health...

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  • Dr. Loren Robinson

    Deputy secretary for health promotion, Penn. Dept. of Health

    Researchers on the cutting edge of medical research are finding that when it comes to health...

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  • Mandira Singh

    Director of more disruption please, Athenahealth

    In the confusing and heavily-regulated world of healthcare...

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  • Mark Smith

    Co-founder and research director, OpenBiome

    There are many infections that patients can acquire in a hospital setting...

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