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The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars influencing what you eat, where you stay and how you travel.

  • Sasan Amini

    CEO and co-founder, Clear Labs

    Completing a Ph.D. in five years is one thing. Earning a Ph.D. at Princeton in...

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  • Jessica Foust

    Director of culinary innovation, McDonald's

    These days, McDonald’s is hoping you’ll love more than its new all-day breakfast menu...

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  • Andrew Gauthier

    Executive producer, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures

    Tasty videos — those minute-long recipe clips that dominate your Facebook...

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  • Nick Halla

    Chief strategy officer, Impossible Foods

    Founded in 2011 and backed by the likes of Bill Gates, Impossible Foods is focused...

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  • Mark Newman

    Founder, chief customer officer, HireVue

    The job interview is going to the machines. Newman is transforming the hiring...

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  • Ashley Peterson

    VP of experience, Sweetgreen

    Vegan, gluten-free, local, seasonal: That’s what you’ll find at Sweetgreen, a fast-growing...

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  • Vicki Poulos

    Global brand director, Moxy Hotels at Marriott International

    How does Marriott International, the biggest hotel operator on earth, create a chain...

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  • Gregory Sewitz

    Co-founder, Exo

    Should bugs be our next sustainable food source? Sewitz, 25, thinks so...

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  • Ben Simon

    CEO, Imperfect

    American grocery stores are basically beauty pageants. For every four perfect apples...

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  • Justin Zabilansky

    Bioengineer, AeroFarms

    One of the biggest experiments in food is playing out in a former paintball and laser-tag arena in Newark...

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