The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars thinking up ideas that go beyond the classroom.

  • Aisha Bowe

    Co-founder and CEO, STEMBoard

    As an aerospace engineer at NASA, Bowe developed methods to make air travel safer...

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  • Jeff Fernandez

    Co-founder and CEO, Grovo

    Corporate training sessions are often stuffy and boring. But Fernandez has committed...

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  • Jennifer Francis

    Senior dean, Relay Graduate School of Education

    After obtaining a scholarship to attend a private boarding school, Francis...

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  • Christopher Gray

    Co-founder and CEO, Scholly

    Many students have been crippled by student debt, but Gray avoided that headache...

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  • Jeremy Johnson

    Co-founder and CEO, Andela

    Employers worldwide often complain about the widening skills gap in technology...

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  • Jeremy Keeshin

    Co-founder and CEO, CodeHS

    Reading and writing have always been core to the skills we expect students to learn, but...

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  • Mike Koprowski

    Chief of transformation and innovation, Dallas Independent School District

    New job titles often emerge to match new technologies and needs of industry. One such...

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  • Francis Larson

    Founder, Leif

    As the cost of a college education spirals ever higher, the thought of paying for a bachelor’s degree...

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  • Shauntel Poulson

    Co-found and general partner, Reach Capital

    As an engineer, Poulson has always thrived on solving problems. That’s why...

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  • Zakiya Smith

    Strategy director, Lumina Foundation

    Student debt, rising tuition and the college graduation crisis are some of the biggest...

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