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Meet the top 10 marketing and social writers of the year on LinkedIn, ranked by engagement and more. Read — and follow — them now.

  • 1. Tai Tran

    Student, UC Berkeley

    He's breaking down the future of marketing, all through his own lens as a millennial.

    more about 1. Tai Tran
  • 2. Glenn Leibowitz

    Director of External Relations, McKinsey & Co.

    He tackles buzzy topics in social media, and helps us all to write better.

    more about 2. Glenn Leibowitz
  • 3. Marianne Griebler

    Marketing communications consultant

    She takes on the latest PR controversies, but her writing goes far deeper.

    more about 3. Marianne Griebler
  • 4. Tom Goodwin

    SVP Strategy and Innovation, Havas Media & Marketing

    The NYT's Thomas Friedman said he wrote the "best lead paragraph" of the year.

    more about 4. Tom Goodwin
  • 5. Katie Martell

    CMO and Co-Founder, Cintell

    She's a first-time entrepreneur, a marketer and a millennial. That gives her plenty to talk about.

    more about 5. Katie Martell
  • 6. Shama Hyder

    CEO and founder, The Marketing Zen Group

    She debunks the myths about marketing to millenials.

    more about 6. Shama Hyder
  • 7. Nathaniel Whittemore

    Chief Marketing Officer, Partnered

    Innovation isn't a department; it's a discipline. Brands that get that, he says, will win.

    more about 7. Nathaniel Whittemore
  • 8. Barry Enderwick

    Partner, Kaizen Creative Partnership

    He explained how to copy Netflix — and readers couldn't get enough.

    more about 8. Barry Enderwick
  • 9. Steve Blakeman

    Managing Director - Global Accounts, OMD Worldwide

    His subject matter is eclectic. But his voice? Pretty much always tongue in cheek.

    more about 9. Steve Blakeman
  • 10. Amanda Mitchell

    Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist, The Salvation Army Chicago

    She wants marketers to be open to changes on social — even if they dread them.

    more about 10. Amanda Mitchell
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