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Meet the top 10 management writers of the year on LinkedIn, ranked by engagement and more. Read — and follow — them now.

  • 1. Brian de Haaff

    CEO, Aha!

    He's the author behind some of the most-popular posts of the year.

    more about 1. Brian de Haaff
  • 2. Lynne Everatt


    Her goal isn't just to amuse readers. She wants to make them snort.

    more about 2. Lynne Everatt
  • 3. Justin Bariso

    Founder, INSIGHT

    His insights on leadership draw a crowd, and even fellow list members have noticed.

    more about 3. Justin Bariso
  • 4. Carson Tate

    Founder, Working Simply

    Work shouldn't be all-consuming, so she shares productivity strategies to help.

    more about 4. Carson Tate
  • 5. Molly Moseley

    SVP of marketing and agency relations, LinkUp

    How does that news story relate to the workplace? She'll tell you.

    more about 5. Molly Moseley
  • 6. Dustin McKissen

    CEO & founder, McKissen + Company

    He writes about the intersection of our personal and professional lives.

    more about 6. Dustin McKissen
  • 7. Suzy Welch

    Co-author, The Real Life MBA

    Career advice can sound stilted and un-original; somehow, she finds a way to keep it fresh.

    more about 7. Suzy Welch
  • 8. Louis D. Lo Praeste

    Global business consultant, Quodfatum

    He has ideas on the future of careers, and much more. "I am an everyman's philosopher."

    more about 8. Louis D. Lo Praeste
  • 9. Gary Frisch

    Founder, Swordfish Communications

    So many corporate scandals, so much to say about them.

    more about 9. Gary Frisch
  • 10. James Bareham

    Founding creative partner, The New Cruelty

    Technology is destroying some creative professions. He's chronicling the survivors.

    more about 10. James Bareham
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