Meet the top 10 healthcare writers of the year on LinkedIn, ranked by engagement and more. Read — and follow — them now.

  • 1. Louis M. Profeta

    Emergency physician, St. Vincent Hospital of Indianapolis

    He writes about the world as he sees it through the eyes of an ER physician.

    more about 1. Louis M. Profeta
  • 2. James Calder

    Director of social media and PR, Wound Care Advantage

    He got Seinfeld cast members to sing for his dad as he fought cancer, and the response was huge.

    more about 2. James Calder
  • 3. Yasi Baiani

    Senior product manager, Fitbit

    She's plotting the future of wearables — and writing about where the industry is headed.

    more about 3. Yasi Baiani
  • 4. Julie Kliger

    Senior director, Alvarez & Marsal

    She covers healthcare -- both the experience of providing it and receiving it. 

    more about 4. Julie Kliger
  • 5. Stephanie C. Ocano

    Senior editor, Healthcare Global

    She edits a healthcare magazine, and writes about the biggest news in the healthcare world. 

    more about 5. Stephanie C. Ocano
  • 6. Michelle de Haaff

    VP of marketing, Glooko

    She's writing about issues facing patients with diabetes, a population that only keeps growing.

    more about 6. Michelle de Haaff
  • 7. Bertalan Meskó

    Medical futurist

    Could our homes be the hospitals of the future? He's breaking down the future of medicine.

    more about 7. Bertalan Meskó
  • 8. Michelle Chaffee

    CEO and founder, Älska

    She's passionate about helping consumers -- especially in healthcare — feel empowered. 

    more about 8. Michelle Chaffee
  • 9. Beth Seidenberg

    General partner, KPCB

    Healthcare is the last industry to be disrupted, and that needs to change.

    more about 9. Beth Seidenberg
  • 10. Russell Benaroya

    CEO and co-founder, EveryMove

    He covers the consumerism of healthcare, and the issues keeping us from solving problems.

    more about 10. Russell Benaroya
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