Meet the top 10 education writers of the year on LinkedIn, ranked by engagement and more. Read — and follow — them now.

  • 1. Nicholas Wyman

    CEO, Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation

    He focuses on vocational education and opportunities that can't be found in a traditional classroom.

    more about 1. Nicholas Wyman
  • 2. Jonathan Wolfer

    Principal, Boulder Valley School District

    As a school principal, he's writing about the trends he's seeing in public education. 

    more about 2. Jonathan Wolfer
  • 3. Karen Gross

    Educational consultant

    This former college president explores hurdles in education, from cost to quality to discrimination.

    more about 3. Karen Gross
  • 4. Kaia Niambi Shivers

    Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University

    She called adjunct professors "the Walmart workers of education." Plenty agreed.

    more about 4. Kaia Niambi Shivers
  • 5. Daniel Cohen

    CEO and co-founder, Graduway

    He writes about the most pressing issues facing colleges' alumni relations efforts.

    more about 5. Daniel Cohen
  • 6. Zachary Slayback

    Business Development Director, Praxis

    Education's changing. He's picking apart the misperceptions and describing what's next.

    more about 6. Zachary Slayback
  • 7. Sparsh Agarwal

    MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School

    He's a second-year MBA student, sharing what he's learning at Harvard Business School.

    more about 7. Sparsh Agarwal
  • 8. Natalie Riso

    Student, University of Southern California

    Her writing comes from a college perspective, but its appeal is much broader.

    more about 8. Natalie Riso
  • 9. Heidi Holder

    Founder, Redloh Education Consulting

    She's giving advice and ideas to parents and teachers of all levels.

    more about 9. Heidi Holder
  • 10. Dale J. Stephens

    CEO, UnCollege

    He dropped out of school at 12. Then again in college. Now, he writes about self-directed learning.

    more about 10. Dale J. Stephens
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