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The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars changing how you shop, what you buy and when it all gets to you.

  • Zachary Dennett

    VP of pricing,

    Amazon has dominated e-commerce for more than a decade, but a viable competitor has finally shown up at the table.

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  • Katrina Lake

    CEO and founder, Stitch Fix

    Thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit and a brilliant algorithm, Lake, 32, has changed the face of personal shopping. Stitch...

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  • Dana Mauriello

    Director, seller category growth, Etsy

    As the online marketplace for buyers and sellers of handcrafted items moves out of a highly-anticipated IPO, Mauriello, 32...

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  • Leandra Medine


    Medine’s entry into the fashion world came in 2011, while still a junior in college, when she started a site to chronicle...

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  • Apoorva Mehta

    CEO and founder, Instacart

    Mehta’s same-day delivery service is working to make sure you never step into an over-lit supermarket again. The former... 

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  • Neil Parikh

    Co-founder, Casper

    Everything about the mattress-buying experience – schlepping to a showroom, confronting dozens of similar bed choices...

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  • Jeffrey Raider

    CEO and co-founder, Harry's

    Raider, 34, co-founded Warby Parker and changed the way that people buy sunglasses and eyewear. But he's not stopping there...

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  • Laura Ridlehoover

    Senior product manager, Amazon

    If one item could sum up Amazon’s entire approach to retailing, it might be the Dash button. When the retail juggernaut...

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  • Tristan Walker

    CEO and founder, Walker & Co.

    Most founders want their product to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Tristan Walker, 30, the CEO of consumer brand...

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  • Rayna Wiles

    VP of creative services, Westfield Labs

    It’s become almost cliche to declare the traditional shopping mall dead. (Please, not another abandoned mall slideshow...

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