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The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars influencing what you eat, where you stay and how you travel.

  • Ruzwana Bashir

    CEO and co-founder, Peek

    Planning a vacation isn’t just booking flights and hotels. It’s also about organizing fun things to do on the ground...

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  • Natasha Case

    CEO and co-founder, Coolhaus

    The foodtruck movement may be yesterday's fad, but Case managed to ride it to national prominence. The 32-year-old’s...

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  • Chris Donato

    Operations director, Pizzeria Locale

    "The Chipotle of..." became such an overused phrase in the food world that the Wall Street Journal built a tool on its...

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  • Jacob Jaber

    CEO, Philz Coffee

    There are few entrepreneurs out there with a bigger vision and a smaller ego than Jaber, 28. The CEO of Philz Coffee...

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  • Andrew Miele

    Director of development, Americas, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

    Four Seasons is pursuing an ambitious growth plan to double in size over the next two decades. That’s putting Miele, 31...

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  • Gillian Morris

    Founder, Hitlist

    When you get the chairman of Orbitz and the founder of JetBlue to invest in your travel app, you know you’re onto some...

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  • Ruchira Saha

    Associate director, Tribute Portfolio at Starwood Hotels

    The hottest trend in hospitality is something called a “soft” brand, a group of independent hotels backed by a hotel...

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  • Andrew Schapiro

    Head of art department, Airbnb

    When Airbnb decided to rebrand itself last year – a massive project led by Schapiro – the hospitality industry once again...

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  • Rajat Suri

    CEO and founder, E La Carte

    A bunch of MIT grad students walk into a bar and try to split a check. This isn't a punchline, but an origin story...

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  • Michael Vo

    Global director of tech strategy, McDonald's

    McDonald’s needs to reconnect with consumers. Vo might invent it. The 31-year-old, praised for his work ethic, sits at...

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