The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars who are having an impact on clients and courtrooms.

  • Scott Crouch

    CEO and co-founder, Mark43

    Law enforcement software suffers from serious design neglect. Most tools resemble...

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  • Matt Faustman

    CEO and co-founder, UpCounsel

    UpCounsel, led by lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Faustman, is across between eHarmony...

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  • Robbie Friedman

    CEO and co-founder, Viewabill

    Friedman, 31, wants to make sure there are no more surprises when an attorney's bill...

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  • Margaret Hagan

    Lecturer and fellow, Stanford

    After earning her Ph.D in International Politics, Hagan, 33, intended to become a...

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  • Jake Heller

    CEO and co-founder, Casetext

    Casetext is like the love child of Lexis and Genius: all of the world's legal texts, annotated...

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  • Nate Levine

    CTO and founder, OpenGov

    Government data is everywhere, but it’s hard to find and painful to analyze. For the governments themselves, responding to...

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  • Daniel Lewis

    CEO and co-founder, Ravel Law

    Law research is grunt work for most lawyers, but Lewis is out to change that — by making robots do most of the heavy...

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  • Jacob Mundt

    CTO and co-founder, eBrevia

    If you want to make a bunch of lawyers groan, mention due diligence, the tedious...

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  • Erin Murphy

    Partner, Bancroft PLLC

    At 33, Murphy made her Supreme Court debut, successfully arguing a campaign-finance reform...

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  • Julia Shapiro

    CEO and co-founder, Hire an Esquire

    Shapiro, 34, is bringing the gig economy to the law industry. Her company, Hire an Esquire...

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