Human Resources

The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. Here are the 10 stars changing HR.

  • Mike Bailen

    Director of recruiting, Eventbrite

    When he was head of talent at Zappos in 2014, Bailen got rid of job postings. He told...

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  • Porter Braswell

    CEO, Jopwell

    Big companies acknowledge (over and over and over again) that they need to do a better job...

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  • John Bunch

    Technical advisor to the CEO, Zappos

    Zappos is taking on one of the biggest and most radical organizational changes in...

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  • Parker Conrad

    CEO and co-founder, Zenefits

    Coming off a round of $500 million in Series C funding for his cloud-based automated human resources business, Conrad is...

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  • Joelle Emerson

    CEO and founder, Paradigm

    As companies battle to get women into top roles, many are turning to Paradigm to find biases...

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  • Taro Fukuyama

    CEO and co-founder, AnyPerk

    Fukuyama, 27, was living in his friend’s car in a Taco Bell parking lot when he thought of AnyPerk...

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  • Sarah Nahm

    CEO and co-founder, Lever

    Startup CEOs and hiring managers routinely cite recruiting as one of the hardest parts...

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  • Vivek Ravisankar

    CEO and co-founder, HackerRank

    Career fairs can be good for companies, but a brutal environment for engineers. Ravisankar...

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  • Rachel Saunders

    Manager, Associate Product Manager Program at Yahoo!

    LinkedIn Influencer and recruiting guru J.T. O'Donnell gave us one name that she said was...

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  • Daniel Yanisse

    CEO and co-founder, Checkr

    In an on-demand world, the face of a company's brand can often be transient workers...

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