The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These 10 stars are finding new ways to keep us listening, watching and laughing.

  • Sana Amanat

    Director of content and character development, Marvel

    The comic book movies that dominate the box office are full of proven characters — Avengers...

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  • Hannah Bronfman

    Founder, HBFit.com

    Racked has called her the latest “It Girl.” PopSugar is producing a video web series on her. Indeed...

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  • Carlos Gomez Uribe

    VP of product innovation, Netflix

    The next time you log into Netflix, know that you’re at the hands of Uribe. The former Google statistician leads the team...

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  • Charlie Hellman

    VP of Product, Spotify

    The music industry is going through an identity crisis. As sales shrink and streaming expands, companies like Spotify have...

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  • Matt Kaplan

    President, Awesomeness Films

    The rise of Netflix, Youtube and online consumption (not to mention online celebrityhood!) has...

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  • Joe Lewis

    Head of comedy, Amazon Studios

    The world learned that Amazon was thinking about getting into original content via Joe Lewis. Three years ago, he briefly...

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  • Gray Malin

    Creative Director, Gray Malin

    Mixing art and business is no easy feat, but Malin, 29, does it masterfully. The LA-based photographer has worked with...

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  • Brian Nolan

    VP, creative agency, Columbia Records

    Sure, new media has flipped the music industry on its head. Nolan is running with it and helping to redefine the path to...

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  • Nayeema Raza

    Head of digital native content, Vessel

    Vessel is an ambitious project. Created by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, the company is reimagining online video...

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  • Noah Sacco

    Productions and acquisitions, A24 Films

    At a time when the top of the box office is dominated by blockbusters sporting GDP-sized budgets...

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