The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars figuring out how we power our world.

  • Ben Bixby

    Head of energy and enterprise partnership programs, Nest

    "The interesting thing about the gamification of energy," Bixby once told Fast Company...

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  • David Bradwell

    CTO and co-founder, Ambri

    Like another Next Waver, LightSail's Danielle Fong, Bradwell is in a race to come up...

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  • Emily Cole

    Co-founder and chief science officer, Liquid Light

    What if carbon dioxide — that omnipresent, planet-warming gas — could be turned into something beneficial? That’s the idea...

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  • Leslie Dewan

    CEO and co-founder, Transatomic Power

    Dewan wants to tackle nuclear meltdowns and climate change at the same time. Her company, Transatomic Power, is designing...

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  • Danielle Fong

    Chief science officer, chief strategist and co-founder, LightSail Energy

    One of the great hunts in renewable energy is to find a solution for storing and serving power

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  • Nathan Hancock

    Senior director of R&D, Oasys Water

    Fracking has contributed to the U.S.'s rise as an energy power rather than an energy consumer...

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  • Weston McBride

    Director of product, WaterSmart Software

    Critics say Silicon Valley isn’t doing enough to respond to California’s drought. But don’t blame...

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  • Billy Parish

    CEO and founder, Mosaic

    In 2003, Parish dropped out of Yale with the clear goal of founding and growing a youth coalition that would focus on...

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  • Hillary Stevenson

    Analyst, oil markets and business development, Genscape

    Forget JR Ewing. The oil business isn't about tycoons and wildcatters. It's about the numbers. And the numbers in oil have...

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  • Anna Stork

    Co-founder of LuminAID

    While studying architecture in design graduate school, Stork, 29, and co-founder Andrea Sreshta were asked to design...

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