The top professionals 35 and under, surfaced by LinkedIn data and more. These are the 10 stars influencing what and how we drive.

  • Jackie Birdsall

    Engineer, Toyota

    A self-described gearhead, Birdsall, 31, grew up tinkering with engines and scored her first auto gig at Pep Boys at age...

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  • Cary Diehl

    Ergonomics supervisor, Ford

    The F-150 pick-up is the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. and Ford’s single most-important product. Diehl, 32, oversees...

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  • Ryan Graves

    Head of global operations, Uber

    Graves, 31, has a career path that is stranger than fiction: He was Uber's first hire, and briefly its CEO, after he...

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  • Rich Heley

    VP of products, Tesla

    One name stood out in the data when it came to automotive profiles being viewed: Heley, 35, the former Apple manufacturing...

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  • Julia Landauer

    Racecar driver and CEO, Julia Landauer

    She was born in New York, educated at Stanford — and determined to defy every stereotype of a Nascar driver. She was born...

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  • Alisyn Malek

    Investment manager, GM Ventures

    As an investment manager at GM’s venture arm, Malek, 30, is tasked with vetting new technology and deciding when the auto...

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  • Ale Resnik

    CEO and founder, Beepi

    Beepi isn't Resnik's first company – "I've never had a job in my life," he says – but this one may be his golden ticket...

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  • Chris Valasek

    Security lead, Uber

    Security researcher Valasek, 33, and a partner, Charlie Miller, recently remotely hacked a Jeep over the Internet — as it...

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  • Marcus Weller

    CEO and co-founder, Skully

    The motorcyle helmet has hardly advanced in decades. That's about to change. Weller, 31, is building a helmet for...

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  • Jiajun Zhu

    Principal software engineer, Google X

    Google recently received a patent for something remarkable: its self-driving cars can now understand bicyclists’ hand...

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